CRS – Circle Renewable Services

CRS is the services division of Circle in which we make available to third parties the experience we have acquired across the entire value chain of renewable projects from development, design, investment, construction, structuring and operation.
We are delighted to be able to share the experience acquired during all these years and our commitment to innovate.

Development of projects for third parties

The development and promotion of renewable projects is an activity that requires high dedication of human resources, specific knowledge in each location and, above all, plenty of experience. These three points are key to guarantee the viability of the projects and increase the probability of their success. CRS makes available to its clients its development and technical teams

Engineering and implementation of renewable projects (administrative projects, hybridization projects, storage, etc…)

Our technical team has more than 15 years of experience in high value-added engineering services. CRS develops engineering projects from their origination to the final execution project.

Energy management

Currently, generation projects are generally focused on selling their energy in the wholesale market (omie) or signing purchase-sale contracts with third parties (PPAs). CRS can optimize this sale through advanced mechanisms applied to the active management of the sale of generated energy.

Consulting and Advisory Services

Strategic advice; Self-consumption and self-supply; Strategic consulting in the energy sector; Assistance in specific milestones (request for connection points; network studies; feasibility studies; assistance in tenders).

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