Renewable energy project development

Formed by former executives and founding partners of Langley Renewables and Vector Renewables, Circle Energy has been designing and processing renewable projects in Spain since its inception in 2017, with 614 MW under development (currently in operational, construction or final stages of development) and more than 1,500 MW of own and third-party projects over the last 15 years.

 data as of June 30, 2021


1,500MW of projects developed internationally, of which 614MW are in Spain.

Projects completed and currently under development

Castilla-La Mancha – 908MW in 18 projects

Castilla y León – 653MW in 13 projects

Catalonia – 150MW in 1 project

Murcia – 33MW in 2 projects

Andalucía – 219MW in 3 projects

Extremadura – 355MW in 7 projects

Comunidad Valenciana – 4MW in 1 project