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Over 12 years of experience of in the green power industry, Antonio focused on Engineering, Development and Technical Asset Management. He is specialized in developing and implementing business strategies at international level. Mr Carrión was a founder and Director in Vector Cuatro’s Board and Technical, Transactions and Business Development COO. He took part in the development, management and engineering of green power projects, with a combined international track record of over 1,100 MW. Prior to that, he was in charge of business development and technical affairs for North America at Corporación Eólica CESA, having led international projects from a technical and strategic perspective totalling 1,430 MW. He has also served as independent advisor and member of the investment committee of various large green power enterprises. He is an Industrial Engineer (ICAI) and is fluent in Spanish and English.


Over the last 15 years Juan has accumulated a vast experience in renewable energy (especially in solar and wind power) and electrical projects. He then founded Langley Renovables, which later integrated into Vector Cuatro Group. For almost 10 years he was in charge of the Technical Services business line worldwide, managing a team of 20+ Engineers serving clients in over 20 countries and over 15 GW of projects. Before that, he was directly involved in the development of more than 325 MW wind farms and in the construction totalling 50 MW in Corporacion Eolica Cesa. In Isofoton he was responsible for the development, design and supervision of the construction of various multi-megawatt photovoltaic projects. He is an Industrial Engineer and is fluent in Spanish and English.


Eduardo has experience of over 10 years in the green power industry at international level, having been involved in the business development and expansion of green power activities in countries such as USA, Italy, France, UK, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Chile or Spain. At Vector Cuatro, he served as one of the partners, and was in charge of business development globally, with responsibility on the origination of business opportunities and expansion into new markets, and including market intelligence, marketing and growth strategy design. Prior to that, he started his activity in renewable energy at Spain’s energy saving and diversification institute (IDAE) and founded Renewable Energy Magazine, prior to becoming advisor for green power funds in Italy and Spain. Environmental Scientist, INSEAD MBA, and technical training at MIT. Eduardo is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian.


Holding a degree in Theoretical Physics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Matías started working in the renewable energy sector in 2006 working in R&D. Over his career he has been involved in manufacturing, development, engineering, construction, commissioning and operation of renewable power projects. During that timeframe he has witnessed and played a role in the transformation of the sector from a heavily incentivized business, fully driven by public policies, into a highly competitive industry . This hasn’t come without signifficant challenges in the areas of technological development, management and financing. Facing such challenges has required, and still demands, creativity, flexibility, ability to overcome endless obstacles and, most importantly, passion.
Before joining Circle Energy Matias was Director for Technical Asset Management at Vector Cuatro, where he served 2.5+ GW of operating solar and wind projects in over ten countries.


Vicente has been involved in renewable solar projects for several years, with experience in the business development and expansion of green companies in Europe and LATAM. He has led the development and investment of solar projects in Spain exceeding 500MW. Prior to that, he worked in PwC for 4 years as an international tax manager and part of the M&A team. He has also international experience working in London and Vietnam. He holds a double Bachelor´s Degree in Business Management and Law from the University of Valencia.



Circle Energy also has a team of professionals in charge of development and investment activities.

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