Development of renewable energy projects

Formed by former executives and founding partners of Langley Renewables and Vector Renewables, Circle Energy has been designing and processing renewable projects in Spain since its inception in 2017, with 614 MW currently in operational, construction or final stages of development and a total of more than 1500 MW of its own developed and in service for third parties in the last 15 years.

In different phases of development Circle Energy currently has more than 3,000 MW in photovoltaic, wind, hybridizations with both technologies, stand-alone batteries, batteries in hybridized projects, and green hydrogen generation projects through renewable energy plants.

Castilla-La Mancha – 957MW

Castilla y León – 1891MW

Cataluña – 40MW

Andalucía – 124MW

Extremadura – 107MW

Comunidad Valenciana – 90MW

Madrid – 35MW

Aragón – 46MW

País Vasco – 79MW

Data as of May 1, 2024

Consulting and advisory services

At Circle Energy we provide third parties with the experience we have acquired throughout the value chain of renewable projects in their development, design, investment, construction, structuring and operation. We offer strategic advice in the energy sector and assistance in specific development milestones (request for connection points, grid studies, feasibility studies, optimization studies for hybrid plants, assistance in tenders).

Hybridization or storage studies

We help you to hybridize your generation plant, in operation or under development. Hybridization and storage will be strategic for the generation model of any country.

Attendance at specific milestones

Increasingly, competitive mechanisms are becoming part of the day-to-day work of awarding projects in the renewable sector, whether for the allocation of remuneration for the sale of energy and associated mechanisms, or for designating grid connection conditions. The international experience of the Circle Energy team is a fundamental pillar to obtain the best results in competitive processes.

Strategic advice (plug-and-play or advisory board service or assistance to firms)

Circle Energy has been helping companies from sectors outside the renewable generation sector, both foreign and domestic, to enter the sector of the future, or rather, of the present. Circle Energy’s management team is part of various management committees of multinationals, contributing all its knowledge with the main objective of ensuring that the entry or growth in such a complex sector is satisfactory and that the associated risks are reduced.

Strategic consulting in the energy sector

We provide intensive advice to companies that want to make renewables part of their business, either to include a renewable generation portfolio in their portfolios or to cover their consumption with their own clean energy. We walk with you from the origination and structuring of the project, until it becomes a reality.

Engineering and implementation of administrative projects

Our technical team has more than 15 years of experience in high value-added engineering services. Circle Energy develops the engineering of projects from their origination to the final execution project.

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